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Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) is one of the premier universities in fields of finance and economics in China. It is directly under the Ministry of Education and also one of the top 100 universities in the nation’s 211 Project.

The University was created as Sichuan Institute of Finance and Economics in 1952, when the colleges and departments of business and economics from 17 universities were restructured. PBC governed the University till February 2000, when the governance was transferred to the Ministry of Education. During the 2004 National Teaching Level Assessment carried out by the Education Department, SWUFE was rated excellent, indicating that SWUFE has been ranking as one of the top universities in talent training.

In addition, the University is home to 3 teaching/research centers ratified by the Ministry of Education, i.e., National Center for Economics Teaching, National Center for Liberal Arts and Humanities Education of University Students, and SWUFE China Finance Research Center. The University is the first institution authorized to train MBA and CPA in southwestern China. SWUFE sponsors over 30 interdisciplinary and specialized research and teaching centers and enters into partnership with foreign education and business organizations, among them the Center for PBC Simulated Banking Labs, Center for Business Foreign Languages Training (BFT) and China Actuary Training Center.

Members of teaching/research, library, administration, and supportive faculties number more than 1676, among who over 1231 work in teaching/research 189 professors, over 342 associate professors, and 154 doctor supervisors. The University is proud to have Liu Shibai, Zeng Kanglin, He Zerong, Zhao Guoliang, Jiang Mingxin and many other nation-wide renowned economists and management experts on its faculty. Moreover, 486 prominent economists, bankers, and senior corporate executives are invited to serve as professors emeritus.

SWUFE is an important knowledge contributor to China’s financial industry and western region economic research with its some 18 research institutes, including China Finance Research Center and West China Economic Research Center. Since reform and opening up, it has produced nearly 18,000 research findings, successfully completed over 400 national/provincial research projects, and received over 300 awards for research results at national and provincial (ministerial) levels. The Research Division was awarded by the Ministry of Education Leading National Research Administration of Higher Learning Institutions. The University Press has won the honor of Excellent Press by State Press and Publications Administration and Excellent Press of Higher Learning Institutions by Ministry of Education for three times in six consecutive years. The University’s journal the Economist is the excellent national social sciences journal, and Science of Finance and Economics is awarded the First Top 100 National Social Science journals. By now, the university has won 66 teaching achievements awarded at national, provincial and departmental levels.

The University’s total fulltime student population of nearly 22,819 includes about 16,451 undergraduate, over 4,920 master level postgraduate students, over 990 Ph.D. candidates, and some 10,000 various degree program students. 50 years since its foundation, the University has turned out over 130,000 graduates, many of whom hold important positions in every kind of organization, from major financial institutions, companies to government agencies, ranking top in Chinese universities, and SWUFE is also renowned as China Financial Talents Base. The graduates mainly flow to Finance, Insurance, Securities, Business Administration, related Government financial offices, universities and Research Institutes. Many of them have been grown into leaders in the corresponding research fields and some are now working in IMF, World Bank or teach in world famous universities.

The University has modern teaching_and_research facilities, quality athletic and logistic service hardware enhanced with easy Internet and fiber optical connections. The University’s main library houses over 2.32 million volumes (including electronic copies) with 50 self_built database. The China Financial Database Center now employs the application software co_developed by Oracle Ltd. and Michigan University and collects financial daters covering the recent 20 years, making it ‘Chinese Financial Information Harbor’. Covering an area of 125 acres, SWUFE maintains a beautiful campus full of lawns, trees and gardens. It has been listed as a fine model of forestation and GardenStyle Campus by the government. The university also built advanced web_teaching environment, teaching resources database, and establish a network that covers every dormitory room which is also one of the best in Chinese financial and economic schools. By now the school has 3 sports stadiums, 2 gyms, 57 ball courts and 2 standard swimming pools.

SWUFE has also built up cooperative relationship with over 50 universities, institutions and companies from 30 countries. The annual China Finance Forum and cross-straight Accounting Statistics and Finance Academics Forum have stirred great influence in China. The Financial Services Center co_built with Oracle Ltd., China Insurance Accountant Training Center co-built with Avia Insurance Corp., and etc was all set up.

Students of SWUFE have taken part in FLTRP (Foreign Language Trade Research Press) Debate Competition, Challenge Cup Extracurricular Academic Innovation Competition, Deloitte Taxation Talents Competition, JESSUP, and National Logistics Design Competition and won first prize. In recent years, it has won over 20 awards for research results at national and provincial (ministerial) levels. The University’s Dean’s Office and Graduate School were respectively awarded by Ministry of Education Leading Chinese University Dean’s Offices and Best Graduate Schools in Teaching and Administration.

In order to better meet the requirements of global and domestic economic development in the 21st century, SWUFE is ready to take the opportunities and face the challenges, to inherit and enhance the existing characteristics and good culture of the university, and to endeavor to build SWUFE into one of the best domestic universities with world reputation in the middle of this century when the university celebrates its 100th anniversary.

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