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Deposit: Free

Students can choose to live on-campus or off-campus.

The international students’ dormitory building in SWUFE Guanghua Campus has 52 twin_bed rooms and 28 single_bed rooms, altogether 132 beds. Each room is equipped bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, independent bathroom with 24-hour hot water, TV, air-conditioner and internet access.

The 2nd dormitory building has 90 single_bed rooms with almost the same facilities, and the international students’dormitory building in Liulin Campus has similar_conditioned 50 single-bed rooms. In each building there are public kitchens and laundries.

Below please see the “Fee Structure” Chapter for detailed room rate.


800/month(First Dorm)
 500/month(Second Dorm)

in-room shower & toilet, air-conditioner etc
 in First Domitory, if a room is shared by two students, 400 per month per  student
 beddings not provided in Second Domitory



at university's cafeteria, medium level, estimated,
 and varing by personal lifestyle

washing clothes


subject to change


Buses with air conditioner RMB 2 per ride
 Buses without air conditioner RMB 1 per ride
 Taxi RMB 1.9 per km if the trip is shorter than 7 km
 Exceeded is RMB 2.85per km
 Minimum fare: RMB 8 (RMB 11 between 10 pm to 5 am)

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