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Dual-Master English-instructing Program: CEEBS


The ChineseEuropean Economics and Business Studies program is truly an international program, with teaching locations in Germany (HWR Berlin, Berlin School of Economics and Law) and China (SWUFE, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) and an international group of students. The program is based on the pillars of business administration, economics and cultural studies, including languages. It offers excellent opportunities for work in the expanding field of international business, economics and politics with a special focus on Europe and China.

The MA ChineseEuropean Economics and Business Studies (MA CEEBS) offers you a course of studies directly concerned with the core issues for companies and institutions working in a Chinese-European business environment.

China’s rapid economic development,  its integration  into the WTO, as well as  its significance for the global economy are challenging the development and competitiveness of companies and institutions at national and international level. In an intercultural setting, you will explore and investigate the major factors in the economic developments in China and Europe, analyzing such aspects as trade relations and financial flows, and the social and economic interrelations between these two regions.

Program Structure



Advanced  Macroeconomics  GlobalGovernance

Strategic Management inChina  andEurope  Cultural andPoliticalHistory of  China andEurope Chinese/ German–Level1

Leadership Skills,e. g.


Feedback& Self Reflection as  Leadership Skills CareerWeek

InterculturalTraining  AcademicWriting




FinancialAnalysis  andCorporateFinance

HumanResourceManagement inChina andEurope  International andAsianBusiness

Chinese/ German–Level2

1Elective,e. g.

PoliticalEconomyof  ModernCapitalism GenderandGlobalization

InternationalProject Management

International Supply ChainManagement


SWUFE Chengdu

Economics inChina  andEurope Financial Markets inChinaandEurope  Marketing  inChina andEurope

Current Issues  of theChinese-European Economy Chinese/ German–Level3


SWUFE Chengdu orHWRBerlin      MastersThesis and OralDefenceGraduation

Program Outline

The MA ChineseEuropean Economics and Business Studies (CEEBS) provides a springboard for a future career as a specialist or executive manager in Chinese-European oriented business, economics and politics.

The MA program takes two years in total. It begins in October and ends two years later when students present their Master’s Thesis. The program is divided into four semesters. The first two semesters are spent at Berlin School of Economics and Law. The third semester takes place at The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in Chengdu, China. The fourth semester includes the writing of the Master’s Thesis. It can be studied in either location depending on the professor chosen to supervise the Master’s Thesis.

The MA program is taught entirely in English.


The MA program comprises three parts: the first part builds and extends expertise in International Business and Economics, the second focuses on Chinese-European Business and Economics, and the third is dedicated to Cultural Studies and Language Learning.

All core courses are given in a seminar style, using a wide range of case studies, presentations and discussions to provide an in-depth review of the material under consideration. All courses have continual assessment or end with an exam as specified in the examination regulations (e. g. written exam, assignment, presentation, oral exam). Course achievement is  documented and measured in credit points in line with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The entire program is worth 120 credit points.


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