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Food in SWUFE


In SWUFE there are different cafeterias offering wide range of selection, including Muslim food. Campus Card is needed in the cafeterias (please see the “Tips to Orientation” Chapter). There are also lots of restaurants with different taste & styles around both Guanghua and Liulin Campus.

Three things are MustTry in Chengdu: Hotpot, Sichuan Food and Chengdu Cuisine. The former two might be hot and spicy.  Also nearly all styles from  different countries can  be found in  Chengdu- a  heaven  for gourmets. Following is a recommendation for food:

*Hot-pot: Huangcheng Laoma, Shu Jiu Xiang and many others.

*Sichuan Food: Lao Fangzi, Bashu Renjia, Weidao Jianghu and many others.

*Sichuan Cuisine: Long Chaoshou, Zhong Shuijiao and Jinli Cuisine Road.

*Japanese, Korean, German, Thai, Indian, French, Italian, Mexican, Western and many other styles available in town.

Students interested can visit http://www.dianping.com/, a professional website for gourmets, for more details (Chinese only).

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