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9th Project of Management Cadres Overseas Training completed


In accordance with the annual overseas working arrangements of our school, the Ninth Project of Management Cadres Training was held at the University of Glasgow from January 12  - 25, 2013. The group was led by the ViceChancellor Yang Dan, comprising a total of 20 school party departments along with some management cadres.

The training reinforced the UK’s higher education management theory, and explored the interschool cooperation projects indepth. Training courses were rich in content, covering all areas of the UK higher education  system and management, such as the overview of the British education system, the University's internal governance structure and mechanisms, strategic leadership and management, career development planning and incentives, the University's teaching and research, the University of internal financial management and use of funds, enhancement and protection of the teaching quality, how to enhance the learning experience of the students and the University's international development strategy. The delegations actively started cooperationdocking activities of a number of projects with the University of Glasgow, and met facetoface with the different departments of the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School, Social and Political Sciences, Faculty of Education, Admissions and International Exchange Office, Student Council, et al and joined hands to move forward together, putting forward a series of potential future cooperation programs. The delegation also visited the Confucius Institute at the University of Glasgow and discussed and communicated with the relevant person in charge.

Members of the Training group said learning advanced management concepts and practices of highlevel universities, assisted them in accumulating knowledge and developing a vision. At the same time, they helped promote our understanding of the gap and provided clear direction. The training achieved its target and intended purpose by answering many questions, allowing the team to return with fresh, new ideas and potential future cooperative projects.

After the training at the University of Glasgow, Yang Dan, the Vice President, also used the opportunity to visit the school’s British partners- Sad Business School, Oxford University, University of Reading, Henley Business School and the University of London, Birkbeck College.

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