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US. Recruitment Trip


To continue the implementation of SWUFE’s  talent strategy  and accelerate the development of the distinctive highlevel research University of Finance and Economics, on January 48,2013, President Zhang Zongyi, and Vice President Bian Huimin, went to America for recruitment and relationship development purposes. SWUFE’s president and vice president met with leading officials of various departments and colleges, along with visiting some of the colleges and universities who are in corporation with us.

On January 4th and 5th, President Zhang Zongyi and Vice President Bian Huimin attended the 2013 annual meeting of The Chinese Economists Society. President Zhang Zongyi spoke at the annual meeting, introducing our innovative measures and actual results of  SWUFE‘S talent training. He shared our goals and vision  to strengthen the development of highlevel personnel in the future. He also welcomed other highlevel overseas talent to join SWUFE, to seize the favorable opportunity of China’s development and the development campaign of the western regions.This year, we have already received approximately 200 applications from Ph.D.‘s  overseas due to the success of our talent training and our solid reputation. We have beenendorsed by the majority of our international students, such that we  now have a list of overseas Ph.D.’s that we intend to accept following the initial review of the applications.

Our two leaders  also visited some of our partner colleges and universities in America. At the University of California, San Diego, President ZhangZongyi with Vice President BianHuimin, expressed thanks to the university for supporting our management cadres overseas training. The two sides also exchanged views on cooperation in managing schools, joint training of students, teachers and the training of cadres and the MBA program. At the University of Delaware, the two leaders talked with Mr. Harker, President of the University of Delaware, and  Mr. Mitchel Wallerstein, President of the City University of New York successively, discussing the achievements of two sides’ cooperation. They also signed a cooperation contract on the two sides joint training of students and the school shortage of doctoral training, teacher education access, and related cooperation agreements. During the visit, they also met with students of SWUFE at the University of Delaware and the New York City University, discussing with them their learning and living conditions in America. They also received some recommendations from them regarding the talent training program. Finally, the two presidents communicated with them about other aspects of the content of their curriculum and teaching methods.

On the morning of the 8th, President ZhangZongyi and his delegation visited CenJianjun, the Education Consul of the Chinese Consulate in New York. He reported on the Confucius Institute program, which was jointly established by SWUFE and the State University of New York at Albany.  Together the parties negotiated a projected date of establishment, the implementation of teaching plans and other matters regarding the Confucius Institute. They were very pleased to receive  the support and guidance from the Education Consul.

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