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University Facilites

1. Classrooms, Libraries and other Facilities

There are hundreds of classrooms with builtin multimedia facilities in most of them. Students are allowed to use any of “Open ’n’ Vacant” classrooms freely. Some classrooms may require special entrance permit. Please consult us for details.Two libraries and one Literature Center are located respectively in two campuses (please refer to Map of SWUFE), with the collection of over 2 million volumes of various publications andEbooks. Degree students can apply for a takeout library card while other international students can apply for a non-take-out library card.

All dormitory rooms and most classrooms/public buildings have been equipped with broadband internet connections. Wi-Fi hot spot are in some main buildings and sections. There are also one computer rooms for international students in both campuses.

2. Sports:

Students can use all kinds of oncampus  sports facilities at very low costs, while some facilities are for free. Please consult College of International Education or Sports Department for details.

SWUFE holds annual soccer/ basketball/ volleyball/ swimming tournament and athletic games. Degree students can attend these activities representing their respective schools, while non-degree students can attend these activities as part of the College of International Education.

3. Arts and Others:

In regular semesters, there are usually movies on Friday and Saturday evenings. Movies are about one month later than those in commercial cinemas. There are also different kinds of shows and performances all through a semester.Various kinds of communities in SWUFE put up fabulous activities every month. Foreign students can join one or more of the communities and enjoy a colorful campus life.

Please check below a list of bus/taxi routes and prices to some major places:

PlaceBus #Bus Stop to Get OffEstimated Taxi Fee

Tianfu Square (city center) 78

Tianfu Guangchang 15

Shuangliu Airport  306

Terminal 80

Railway Station69/83

Huoche Beizhan17

Shopping Malls81


Marquis Wu’s Temple901


Tufu’s Thatched Cottage19

Caotang Beilu Nan10

Xinnanmen Bus Station (for tourists)13/901

Xin Nan Men25

Shawan Post-office (Western Union)83/113/502

Huizhan Zhongxin15

Sichuan University19/503


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