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How to Get to SWUFE

Located at the west 2nd Ring Road, standing next to Jinsha Bus Station and Longdistance Coach Station, SWUFE enjoys very convenient transportations to almost every corner of the city.

We provide Free Pick-up Service to fresh students. Please note that:

* Do  inform  us  of  your  detailed  arrival  information  including  flight/train/coach number,  expected  arrival date/time, luggage quantity, etc;

* Inform us AT LEAST 3 WEEKS ahead of your arrival. It’s very likely we could NOT make arrangements if you fail to inform us in 3 weeks’ advance or there’s change of arrival plan after you first informing.

* Pick-up Service might also be unavailable under the following conditions:

a) Arrival day is a weekday day or National Holiday;

b) Arrival time is late than 20:00pm local time;

c) Other possible conditions (for example: the university has a limited number of vehicles and cannot meet every need).

NEW! Since Fall Semester 2010/11 (September 2010), we have been providing new Self Service. If you prefer to come by yourself, please take a taxi at Chengdu Airport/Train Station/Coach Station and show the taxi driver the following words:

西南财经大学北三门(金沙车站斜对面的成都银行旁,原财大银行学校大门,靠近青羊大道十字路口——不 是成温立交桥下的大门)

The taxi driver is supposed to take you right to our 3rd North Gate (next to Bank of Chengdu). Our building is on the very right hand side when you enter the gate and the Overseas Students Offices are on the second floor. You can reach our office at +86 28 87355437 or +86 28 87356378 during office hours (Please refer to “Duties of Offices” Chapter for details).By choosing the Self Service, your taxi fee will be borne by SWUFE (please remember to ask the taxi driver for receipt – in Chinese “票” [‘piau] ).

Students will be recommended to choose our Self Service, while the old Free Pick-up Service is still available upon request.

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